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 Заголовок сообщения: Customer Relationship on Social Networks
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The customer relationship on social networks is now fully anchored within companies, whether it is a question of practicing it or having at least knowledge of it. What does it represent on these channels, who drives it and what do consumers expect? Customer relations on social networks: The role of the community manager It is generally the role of the community manager to ensure customer relations for a brand as well as for a company. They will even be several CMs within companies where the requests are daily. This is the case, for example, of mobile telephone operators, Internet service providers (ISPs) which are often the same actors, and any brand which will need to be in constant contact with the consumer.

Customer relations on social networks: The role of the community manager Social media agencies that have expertise in the management of social networks, are thus positioning themselves more and more on customer relations in community management and in particular via instant messaging such as Whats App or Messenger. An expert agency in customer Whatsapp Number List relations such as Netino by Webhelp offers a set of services around community management, but also on specific levers such as moderation coupled with artificial intelligence. An axis that will undoubtedly become essential in the years to come with the Metavers.social media customer relationship A community management team dedicated to customer satisfaction If community management remains a marketing lever perfectly suited to managing online customer relations via social networks, it is necessary to work as a team.


A social media manager will thus play the role of team leader, behind which there will be several community managers depending on the time slots of availability. Some brands or companies may have amplitudes of more than 10/12 hours a day, or even be present 24 hours continuously. We will also note a possible presence on weekends, which will therefore require a complete and organized team to respond to customers online. The customer relationship in community management is a real expertise and not just any CM can provide it for several hours. As mentioned, temperance will be a quality, but not only when you know that most of the solicitations relate to dissatisfied customers. The community manager must have a strong character and know how to face adversity without taking part in it.

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