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 Заголовок сообщения: Exploring All Football Betting Terminology That Bettors Need
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Football has long been considered the king of sports worldwide, also being the most popular sport. Therefore, football betting terminology is quite diverse, mainly using English. For those who are not passionate about football, they may not be familiar with all these terms. In order to expand the knowledge for viewers as well as football players to be able to understand match analysis and odds accurately, as well as understand bookmakers' odds tables, https://wintips.com/ will compile basic football betting terms for you in the following article.
How is Football Betting Terminology Understood?
The terms used in football are words used in this king sport. Football betting terminology is quite common and diverse. Most of these terms are read in English. Therefore, many people do not know and do not understand the meaning.
Explaining this issue helps players understand and apply easily when betting. It also helps to understand when watching favorite football matches every day.
Football Betting Terms Commonly Used in Matches
Below, Wintips will provide you with more clarity on the terms used in various types of bets that you need to refer to:
Terms in Asian Handicap Betting
In Asian handicap bets, some common betting terms are often used:
Handicap: The odds in a match are provided by the internet bookmaker. Based on the handicap, players predict the chances of winning or losing teams and place bets accordingly.
Asian Handicap: This is an Asian handicap.
Odds ratio/Odds: The money exchange rate to settle bets for the winning side.
Over/Under: Betting over or under on the goals scored.
Home: Betting on the home team.
Away: Betting on the away team.
Win Full: Meaning winning the bet, getting the full amount or winning all the money.
Lose Full: Meaning losing the bet, losing the full amount or losing all the money.
Win Half: Winning or earning half the amount.
Lose Half: Losing half the amount.
HT (Half Time): The end of the first half of the match.
FT (Full Time): The total time of the match, until the end of the match.
ET (Extra Time): Playing time in the match's extra time.
PEN: This is a penalty shootout.
Running: The right of the player to place bets while the match is still ongoing.
Correct Score: Betting on the exact score of a match.
Terms in European Handicap Betting
For European handicap bets, there are not many terms or complex regulations like Asian handicaps. Especially, there is no form of one team giving handicap to another. When betting, you only need to predict the Win - Lose - or Draw result. The stronger team will receive less money, and vice versa for weaker teams. European handicap is suitable for new bettors because of its simple gameplay. Players should note that European handicap is about handicap money, not the score.
Football Betting Terms in Over/Under Bets
For Over/Under bets, you need to remember the following terms:
Over (O): Winning the bet when the total goals scored in the match are higher than the odds provided by the malaysia online betting sites.
Under (U): Winning the bet when the total goals scored in the match are lower than the odds provided by the bookmaker.
Football Betting Terms Used by Professionals
To become a professional football bettor, you need to understand the terms during matches. This will help you easily grasp and understand football better.
Common terms in online football betting:
Bookie: Refers to the bookmaker providing football betting odds.
Betting Odds: Analyzing a specific match to find advantageous bets and increase the chance of winning.
Grassroots: Refers to small tournaments, often less known or less interested.
Mainstream: Major tournaments worldwide, with international scale such as the Premier League, World Cup, Euro, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, etc.
Twist: Refers to the anxious, suspenseful emotions of players.
Spread: A situation where a player puts all their money into a particular bet with a high chance of winning.
Ballistic: Investing heavily in a bet and losing all the money.
Bust: Meaning loss.
Frozen: The match is boring, not exciting, and no breakthrough or unexpected situations.
Bass/Pick/Code: Choosing one team to bet on.
Bet Under: Betting on Under or betting under.
Fade: Predicting that a match or bet is about to lose, also means going ballistic.
Premium Odds: Odds with high winning probability, attractive odds, which bettors want to bet on immediately.
Through this article, Wintips has shared with you a variety of football betting terms. When you grasp these terms, you will surely become a more professional bettor. Moreover, when watching matches, you will easily exchange ideas with other players. Access Wintips for more experience in analyzing odds and interesting information every day.

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