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More successful in the digital environment. Therefore, you must carry out constant research and discover more and more about the consumption habits of the people who use your application. With this in mind, RankMyAPP prepared an exclusive article on the topic, so you can understand the relevance that mobile consumer preferences have for your company. The importance of consumption habits for your business Much more than common interests, your company's target audience has specific behavior patterns in the digital environment. Knowing the details of the mobile consumption journey is essential for you to provide the experience users expect.

Offering mobile consumers exactly what they need from a responsive app or website increases the tool's chances of success. As a result, your company has more visibility in the digital environment, as your mobile marketing strategy Phone Number List becomes more precise and personalized. Tracing the consumption profile of your target audience through mobile devices involves optimizing the UX (user experience). Therefore, you adapt your services according to factors such as: the most used devices, the expected features, the most purchased products, among others. What is the profile of the mobile consumer in Brazil? Data collected by RankMyAPP in partnership with Opinion Box in 2020 highlighted some of the main mobile trends among Brazilians.


Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic boosted consumption through mobile digital platforms and due to the closure of physical establishments. Among the services most used by users in Brazil in 2020, the social networks category stood out with 14% of preference. Therefore, according to the research, there is a high demand among Brazilian mobile consumers for applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and others. Other favorite categories were: delivery services (11%), banks and investments (10%) and ride-sharing apps (10%). Many of these numbers are a reflection of the limitations caused by the pandemic, after all apps like these allowed people to carry out a series of actions without having to leave home.

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Список форумов » Жизнь россошанцев » Сотовая связь

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